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Episode.66 Darkness

On the other hand, SANADA MASAYUKI, who first appeared in the demon world, uses a strategy to attack ASH, but fails because of the power of ASH.
And it was his wife, YUGAO, who saved SEIMEI from being held captive by MEIKAI's army.
The war between MAKAI and MEIKAI became more intense.

Episode.65 Grief

TAKAFUSA and DOJI challenge and encourage the troubled TURUHIME and KIDOMARU.

Meanwhile, SEIMEI plans to recapture UKON and JUSTA from MEIKAI.

SHINO recovered himself from the sight of YATSUFUSA before the injured OBORO, but was defeated by a mysterious boy.

MAKAI and MEIKAI clash, and with the help of a mysterious boy, SEIMEI succeeds in recapturing UKON and JUSTA, but he himself falls before the powerful ASH.

Under such circumstances, SASUKE and AOI head for the rescue of OBORO, but BATO and revived YATSUFUSA overthrow SASUKE.

Episode.64 Lust

MAKAI and MEIKAI forces exchange hostages with each other.
After that, however, both armies fought.
The mysterious ninjya YATSUFUSA appeared during the battle. He had a grudge against SATOMI.
The MAKAI army was upset by his appearance, and in the confusion, TURUHIME killed OBORO by mistake.
On the other hand, when JUSTA invaded MEIKAI's army base to take back her husband, both of them were defeated by ASH.

Episode.63 Gluttony

TSURUHIME who TAKINOKATA's child's father knows YASUNARI and is upset.

 On the other hand, the MEIKAI army strengthens the offensive under ASH, the daughter of GARASYA.

 The clash between the MAKAI army and the MEIKAI army was the same, but BLACK MAGIC ARMY, which attempted the surprise attack, was destroyed and the MAKAI army was in crisis.

2019.8.20 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.62 Sloth

MASAYUKI appeared in MAKAI.
He holds TURUHIME hostage and demands that her lover YASUNARI be subservient to SANADA.
YASUNARI rejects it and fights SANADA.It was a mysterious beautiful girl who saved them.
The beautiful girl was an incarnation of TAKINOKATA.
She gives a word of shock.

2019.8.20 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.61 Wrath

Garasha's daughter ASH appears at MAKAI. She orders OICHI to summon MASAKADO. SANADA 10 worriors attacked MAKAI and Daisuke successfully captured Tsuruhime.
UKON attacked MEIKAI's army, and MASAKADO appeared during the battle. He fought with Scipio, but it never came to an end. He went away.

2019.7.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.60 Envy

OBORO, YUGAO's daughter, claimed that SEIMEI was his father.
The MAKAI army adopted the UKON strategy and decided the final battle with the MEIKAI army.
Both sides crashed.
The MAKAI army finally won the MEIKAI army with a strong bond of Tsuruhime and YASUNARI.
KIDOMARU and OBORO attacked KENO but failed. OICHI caught KENO.

2019.6.21 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.59 Pride

Yugao's daughter appeared in MAKAI. She saved KIDOMARU. TOTA betrayed TAKAFUSA and followed HIDEYORI.
Tsuruhime and YASUNARI have vowed to love and fight in battle.
The two defeated the MEIKAI army brilliantly.
SUMITOMO turned to SHIGEHIRA for salvation.
KENO killed UBUME.

2019.5.17 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.58 Greed

SATOMIHAKKENNSI and SANADA 10 warriors fought. SHINO returned to SATOMI.TAKIYASYA got pregnant. TAKAFUSA, TOTA and REIZI hit DAISUKE, but were repulsed by MAKAISYOJYOKEN's HIDEYORI.UKON attacked MEIKAI with Tsuruhime and YASUNARI, but failed.SHINO taught SEIMEI the teaching.KENO has isolated KIDOMARU.

2019.4.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.57 Original Sin

SEIMEI, TAKIYSYA and UKON allied and became MAKAI army. They think about measures against MEIKAI forces.
The operation ended in failure by MASAYUKI. However, the genius warlord MASASIGE escaped the crisis.
MASAKADO which appears before SEIMEI. They lost to his overwhelming attack.
On the other hand, KENO was insane.

2019.3.15 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.56 Pardon

HIJIKATA attacked the Black Magic Army. It was UKON that saved their crisis.
Tsuruhime was attacked by the MEIKAI army and was robbed of DOJI.
An error occurred in SATOMIHAKKENSHI's KENO. She attacked BATO.
SEIMEI who struggle against MEIKAI army attacks. It was the black magic forces UKON and SANSABURO who saved him.

2019.2.15 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.55 Penance

UKON appeared with his wife, JUSTA, to treat YASUNARI as an injury.
TAKAFUSA fights with TOTA and decides to act with him.
SANADA 10 warriors allied with MEIKAI. And they attacked SATOMIHAKKENSHI, and the SATOMI army was robbed of the base.
UKON has fought to unite the two personalities.

2019.1.18 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena


Episode.54 Rainbow in the Dark

The revival of MASKADO shocked MAKAI.
The Black Magic Army has revolted against the MEIKAI Army.
Tsuruhime and YASUNARI joined SATOMIHAKKENSHI and fought against the MEIKAI army. YASUNARI was injured in the battle.
SEIMEI and TAKAFUSA have decided to fight TAKIYASYA, TOTA, SUMITOMO who will try to join MASAKADO. .

2018.12.21 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.53 Change the world

SEIMEI and TAKIYASY fought against the MEIKAI army with all their might.
They followed the leader of the MEIKAI army, OICHI, but betrayed by MAKAISYOUJYOKEN's HIDEYORI.
And finally, MASAKADO came back.

2018.11.22 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.52 Voices

KIDOMARU was caught by MEIKAI army while searching for his brother JIRAIYA. SEIMEI allied with TAKIYSYA, MAKAISYOJYOKEN, and opposed MEIKAI forces.
Tsuruhime fights against MEIKAI army with KIDOMARU, but JIRAYA which has been changed has appeared there.

KIDOMARU killed his brother to save his companions.

2019.10.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.51 Dream Worriors

SATOMIHAKKENSHI added Tsuruhime and YASUNARI to fight against SANADA 10 Warriors, but was defeated by their magic.The Black Magic Army and SHINSENGUMI have formed an alliance.SEIMEI and TAKIYAYSA succeeded in recapture of TAKAFUSA, TOTA and SUMITOMO, who were captured by MEIKAI forces.

2018.9.21 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.50 Come and Down again

The advance of the MEIKAI army has begun.
OICHI hit JIRAIYA. MEIKAI army defeated GOBOUSEI army, MAKAI pirate, black magic army one after another.
Tsuruhime and BATO fought against the MEIKAI army. They were saved by SANADA 10 warriors and SATOMIHAKKENSHI.
But in the end, SANADA betrayed. .

2018.8.24 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.49 Cry of Demons

He also carried out operations and recaptured SAIZO.
SATOMI and SANADA fought hard.
TAKIYASYA and YASUNARI knew the existence of the MEIKAI army which tried to dismantle the black magic army.
UKON was destroyed by OICHI.

2018.7.20 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.48 Journy of Love

SEIMEI sought an alliance with TAKIYAYSA.
UKON was attacked by FROIS.
KEIJI, Tsuruhime, YSUNARI fought against the Black Magic Army and the son of GARASYA to recapture SAIZO.
KEIJI used dangerous magic, fought with SAIZO, and finally recovered her, but his body was at the limit. .

2018.6.15 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.47 Thunder rumblimg

GARSASYA appeared on MAKAI again.
SANADA 10 worriors confronted SATOMIHAKKENSHI who revived.
To save SAIZO, Tsuruhime and KEIJI attack the Black Magic Force's position, but were defeated by the son of GARASYA.
SEIMEI and TAKIYASY saved them.

2018.5.18 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.46 Hell's Rising

The FROIS took unrest.
MAKAI pirate attacked JIRAIYA and BATO but failed. However, SATOMI's warrior SHINO saved the MAKAI pirate crisis.
It was a black magic army who attacked SEIMEI, but it failed by the activity of Tsuruhime, KEIJI and the betrayal of YASUNARI.
At the same time, SAIZO was invited to OICHI. .

2018.4.13 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.45 Is It Crime..

MASAYUKI SANADA decided to be subordinate to the Black Magic Army.
Black magic forces attack MAKAI pirates, but during the battle, BONJAVI reported the alliance between MAKAI pirates and black magic forces.
SEIMEI sent YUKAO and her husband, TUNA, to TENKAI.
He made a difficult decision.

2018.3.16 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.44 Revival and Vision

TAKIYSAYA has offered SEIMEI the dissolution of the alliance.
Tsuruhime and others were attacked by the Black Magic Army, but SATOMI helped them.
SEIMEI went for the rescue of YUGAO captured by the Black Magic Army. .

2018.2.16 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.43 Ordinary Soul

The Black Magic army attacked the GOUBOUSEI army, and Yugao was caught by OICHI.
Tsuruhime, YASUNARI and KEJI confronted SANADA 10 warriors to get back SAIZO.
Sad destiny was waiting for KEIJI and SAIZO.

2018.1.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena


Episode.42 Crying

SEIMEI sanctioned BATOU adhering to HINOENMA. OICHI was attacked by UKON.
SATOMI attacked UKON.
DAISUKE's grandfather MASAYUKI appeared in MAKAI.
His appearance caused further confusion in MAKAI.

2017.12.8 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.41 Sword and Darkness

UKON suffered damage because it ignored the rules of MAKAI.
SEIMEI tried to defeat UKON at once.
Tsuruhime tried to get back SAIZO but failed.
UKON again ignored MAKAI's rule to fight back against the allies.
It gives birth to a tragedy.

2017.11.18 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

Episode.40 Dead or Alive

The Black Magic Army reinforced its strength from the underworld.
And TUNA also joined the Black Magic Army.
UKON ignored the rules of MAKAI, but failed.
And a big change happened to MAKAI.

2017.10.11 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.39 Star and Sea
A mysterious woman and SATOMI appeared in MAKAI.
The Allies attacked the Black Magic Army with the cooperation of the two.
Allied armies have become stronger.
2017.8.9 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena
​Episode.38 Black Magic Orchestra

GOBOUSEI army and MAKAI pirates made an alliance.
Allied forces confronted the Black Magic Army.
The Black Magic forces put back HADES and VIRGINIA and hit back.
On the other hand, although it was Tsuruhime and TAKIYASYA which appeared in the crisis of SEIMEI. .

2017.8.10 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.37 Soldiers

TAKIYASY suspected SEIMEI. And attacked him.
Tsuruhime confronts UKON with SAIZO.
MAKAI pirate attacked DAISUKE but missed him.
KUKI fought with YASUNARI and recognized him.

2017.7.14 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.36 Hero

MAKAI pirates have planned for UKON's assassination.
However, the plan failed due to YASUNARI's misdemeanor.
TAKEYOSHI was made to disappear by an ugly enemy.
SEIMEI proposed to rejoin TAKIYASYA.

2017.6.16 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.35 Farewell

The man was a messenger of MEIKAI.
MEIKAI launched the invasion of MAKAI.
YASUNARI crawled Tsuruhime and disappeared.
YASUNARI exploded anger at Tsuruhime who can not restore YASUFUSA's memory.

2017.5.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.34 Crash

SAIZO knew that she could not go against her destiny.
YASUNARI and YASUFUSA confronted.
UKON attacked Tsuruhime, but was counterattacked by SEMEI.
And the time of destiny ...

2017.4.4 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

Episode33 Wind of Devil

YUGAO and OICHI tried to rescue SEIMEI.
KOTARO appeared in MAKAI again.
He defeated TUNA in an attempt to help YUGAO.
At that time, Tsuruhime, YASUFUSA, and YASUNARI were in a tragic phase.


Episode.32 Snow

Tsuruhime had a sad fight with YASUNARI and YASUFUSA. TAIRA awakened HEIRO with the last force. SUMITOMO tried to catch JIRAIYA but failed. Each thought ...

2017.2.2 Sinkiba MAKAI Arena


​Episode.31 Flame

Tsuruhime was robbed of his brother YASUFUSA's memories.
The Black Magic Army, the MAKAI Pirates, and the GOBOUSEI Army fought hard. They won with the power of GOBOUSEI army boss SEIMEI.
And they got back REIZEI.

2016.12.16 Shinjyuku Face

​Episode.30 Iron

KAGURAZAKA revived and appeared in MAKAI.
GOBOUSEI army, MAKAI pirate, black magic army fought hard.
Takiya Sya, the MAKAI pirate boss, fought with GARASYA.

2016.11.10 Shinjyuku Face

​Episode.29 Trick

SEIMEI named the Alliance Force with OICHI the GOBOUSEI Army.
On the other hand, GARASYA invited the warlord UKON to battle the GOBOUSEI army and the MAKAI pirate. But that strategy ended in failure by SEIMEI.
TAIRA has made proposals for the Black Magic Army, MAKAI Pirates, and the GOBOUSEI Army.

2016.10.14 Shinjyuku Face

​Episode.28 Underworld

He was a rival of SEIMEI. He brought back SEIMEI with his disciple Yugao.
MITSUYOSHI advised SEIMEI to ally with OICHI.
SEIMEI and OICHI agreed.

2016.9.7 Shinjyuku Face

​Episode.27 Destruction

SAIZO fought to get KEIJI back from the Black Magic Army.
JIRAIYA, KIDOMARU helped her, and KEIJI returned to her.
At that time, the MAKAI pirate attacked the two. Tsuruhime there ...

2016.7.27  Shinjyuku Face

​Episode.26 Rain

SAIZO tried to help KEIJI. CHIYOME also cooperated with her. The two were in a black magic army's counterattack. KOTARO saved them.
However, KEIJI hit SAIZO. He was ruled by the Black Magic Army.

2016.6.17 Shinjyuku Face

Episode.25 Sadness

GARASYA ordered Tsuruhime to fight YASUFUSA. She fought with him.
KEIJI fights against SAIZO and the Black Magic Army, but he is captured by the Black Magic Army.
GARASYA advised YASUFUSA to surrender to the Black Magic Army.

2016.5.13 Shinjyuku Face

Episode.24 Sound

TOTA robbed TSUNA of the sword HIGEGIRIMARU. SEIMEI fought with him and took it back.SUMITOMO, KUKI, TAKEYOSHI formed MAKAI navy.Tsuruhime was attacked by them, but YASUFUSA sacrificed and helped her.

2016.4.28 Shinjyuku Face

Episode.23 Love

SAIZO was in love with KEIJI.
It was an unforgivable thing.
On the other hand, Tsuruhime decided to belong to the Black Magic Army. Her brother, YASUFUSA, confessed that he loves her.

2016.3.18 Shinjyuku Face

Episode.22 Two Souls

OICHI appeared in MAKAI.
KUKI and TAKEYOSHI struggled.
They lost as YOSHIHIDE appeared in the support of SUMITOMO.
Tsuruhime was acting a mystery.

2016.2.19 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.21 Ruthless

TAKAFUSA was targeted by GARASYA.
DAISUKE appeared in MAKAI. He attacked TAKAFUSA.
YASUNARI helped TAKAFUSA but attacked him for Tsuruhime.
At that time, SUMITOMO was attacking KUKI. .

2016.1.15 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.20  Death

Tsuruhime made a decisive battle with the Black Magic Army. Her team fell one after another. Tsuruhime and the Black Magic General TAKAFUSA remained. The two fight and Tsuruhime won. GARASYA tried to kill the loser TAKAFUSA. Tsuruhime tried to save him. . SEIMEI also fell, and MAKAI became confused.

2015.12.11 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.19 Annihilation

DANZO and KOTARO were taken hostage to CHIYOME by the black magic army. The two fought against the Black Magic Army in an adverse situation. The two won, but the power of DANZO was about to run out.

2015.11.13 Shinkiba MAKAI  Arena

​Episode.18 Vying

TAKIYASYA appeared in MAKAI. She was the daughter of Japan's largest military commander, MASAKADO. The Black Magic Army was looking for traitor ninjas DanZO and KOTARO. SAIZO and SANDAYU were in charge of the task. TURUHIME tried to help DANZO and KOTARO. Garasya appears there. . .

2015.10.23 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.17 Repentance

Black magic army KUKI and SEIMEI army TAKEYOSHI fought hard. They had a connection from previous life. They recognized each other after the battle.
TURUHIME, YASUNARI and YASUFUSA were troubled with each other's relationship.

2015.9.25 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.16 Requiem

HIJIKATA reunited with his best friend KONDO.KONDO released HIJIKATA from the Black Magic Army.But he was killed by the Black Magic General TAKAFUSA.TURUHIME suffered from her own destiny.

2015.8.21 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena



​Episode.15 Hell fire

TURUHIME's elder brother YASUOKU appeared in MAKAI.
He taught her the secrets of YASUFUSA and YASUNARI.
YASUFUSA was not her brother, but her lover YASUNARI was a real brother.
The relationship between the three became irreparable.

2015.7.24 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.14 Brave

The Black Magic General TAKAFUSA chased KOTARO, who violated the order.  TURUHIME helped him. However, Black Magic attacked him with a new FUROIS.
 KIDOMARU's brother JIRAIYA who helped him.

2015.6.2 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.13 Second coming

Black Magic Army REIKO tries to destroy SEIMEI and TAIRA at once. However, REIKO loses by counterattack of TURUHIME and YASUNARI. And she was killed by her companions.​​

SEIMEI and TAIRA won for the first time against the Black Magic Army.

2015.5.28 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.12 Three

Masasige appears in MAKAI.
He is a genius warlord.
He carries out the operation and revives the extinguished Yugao.
He also succeeds in aligning SEIMEI and TAIRA.


2015.4.24 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena


​Episode.11 Cover the world

GARASYA appears on MAKAI again.

TURUHIME loses before the enemy's concentration attack.
She bets with SEIMEI and TAIRA. She wins, and they lose their companions.
The power of GARASYA and the Black Magic Army will be absolute in MAKAI.

2015.3.20 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.10 Plot

Black magic forces introduce new forces one after another. TSURUHIME and YASUNARI and her older brother YASUFUSA fight them.
However, YASUFUSA leaves from them.
A full-scale invasion of the Black Magic Army begins.

2015.2.27 Shikiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.9 Endless cycle of rebirth

Hikaru's true identity was the legendary rebel SIRO AMAKUSA. SIRO makes legendary General TAKAFUSA attack the father of TSURUHIME. He protects his daughter and disappears.
SIRO gives his soul to TAKAFUSA and gives him a powerful power.

2015.1.31 Shinkiba MAKAI Arena

​Episode.8 Turn off

​​Black magic army leader GARASYA appears in MAKAI.
TSURUHIME fights against the pirate king TAKEYOSHI.
She gets stronger in the fight.

2014.11.28 shinkiba makai arena

​Episode.7 War

​​Black magic forces appear in MAKAI.
The Black Magic Army declares war on SEIMEI and MAKAISYOJYOKEN.

2014.10.24 shinkiba makai arena

Episode.6 Reincarnation

​​TSURUHIME and YASUNARI will fight.
He rejects her.
On the other hand, SEIMEI defeats TAIRA, the leader of MAKAISYOJYOKEN.
TIRA uses the incarnation magic.

2014.9.26 shinkiba makai arena

Episode.5 Suspicious

TSURU HIME fights with YOSITUNE and TOMOE with a former lover.
HIKARU predicts that a new power will appear in MAKAI.

2014.8.29 shinkiba makai arena

Episode.4 Ferocious

HIKARU robs the soul of BENKEI.
A new hero appears in MAKAI.
YASUNARI was once a lover of TSURUHIME.

2014.7.25 shinkiba makai arena

episode.3 Revolt

SEIMEI and MAKAISYOJYOKEN are in opposition.
Mysterious young man HIKARU appears in MAKAI.
He followed SEIMEI, but ...

2014.6.27 shinkiba makai arena

Episode.2 Riot

Tsuruhime fights with TOMOE for the second time.
Legendary magician SEIMEI appears in MAKAI.
MAKAISYOJYOKEN whio confronts him violently.
MAKAISYOJYOKEN was an evil spirit serving Japan's strongest genius MASAKADO.

2014.5.27 shinkiba makai arena

Episode.1 Abent

Tsuruhime revives with MAKAI. She was called the miracle princess. The dead heroes are compelled to fight in this MAKAI.
Tsuruhime's opponent was the strongest female warrior TOMOE.
The eternal battle of Tsuruhime has begun.

2014.4.24 shinkiba makai arena

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