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The last MAKAI performance in 2019 has ended.

The last MAKAI of this year has finished successfully.

The performance using the ring of professional wrestling is over in this performance.

We will adopt a new system from next year.

The last MAKAI of 2019 is Turuhime preceded by Yasunari and Tukiyasyamaru, son of Takinokata.

Turuhime fights against the child of her beloved man.

There is a hidden intention of Sumitomo.

There is also a big incident at MEIKAI.

The SANADA army betrays ASH.

But in the face of ASH's powerful force, they are overwhelmed.

The climax of this night was the performance of Yugao, Oboro's mother and lover who appeared in the corner of SEIMEI.

Yugao successfully recaptured SEIMEI from MEIKAI.

MAKAI was a dramatic development at the end of 2019.

Next year is February 13 Japan time.

It will be held in the small hall of ZERO inside.

I am looking forward to seeing you next year.

 Akihito manabe profiel: 







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