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The 67th MAKAI has finished.

The 67 MAKAI-Burn was finished on February 13 in Nakano Zero Hall, Japan time.

From this time on, it is not a professional wrestling ring but a hall stage.

The performance was designed to enhance the sense of unity with the audience at the music live.

Emotional and Hard Rock music and the audience themselves fight as part of the military in the story.

That's the new MAKAI.

Hikaru Shida, who works for AEW, also joined the war from America.

This was an appropriate stage for the restart of MAKAI.

I want to spread MAKAI to people all over the world.

I am looking forward to your support.

Next time is March 27 Japan time.

The68 Makai: Stair way to Heaven

I will do my best for the best show next time.

 Akihito manabe profiel: 







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