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The 64th MAKAI was completed.

The 64th MAKAI was completed.

It is the last performance before going to US by Hikarushida who plays TURUHIME.

This time there was a clash between the MEIKAI and MAKAI armies, mainly in the exchange of hostages.

In that battle, a new character called YATSUFUSA appears and the MAKAI army is faced with a new threat.

SUMITOMO also undertakes to form an alliance with the resurrected emperor, MASAKADO.

In the end, JUSTA invaded MEIKAI's army headquarters to recapture husband UKON and SANSABURO, but was defeated by ASH.

MEIKAI's counteroffensive began in MAKAI.

Next time is November 15 Japan time. The 65 MAKAI 〜 Grief

Hikaru Shida is from the United States.

I want people all over the world to know about the MAKAI . It's my wish.

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