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It is the army that protects MAKAI


GOBOUSEI army leader. He is legendary ONMYOUJI.

He has excellent fighting ability and magic power.


She is a legendary princess. Jeanne d'Arc of Japan.
She keeps fighting for destiny.


He is the strongest warrior.

He was in opposition to Tsuruhime, but he reconciles and fights together.


TAKAFUSA's best friend.
He is called a righteous warlord.
He can not stay in MAKAI for a long time.


The pet monster of TAKAFUSA.


He is a genius warlord of GOBOUEI army.
He assists with SEIMEI.
However, he can not stay in MAKAI for a long time.



The daughter of YUGAO. She says SEIMEI is his father, but SEIMEI does not recognize her.


She is the daughter of Japan's first queen HIMIKO.
Her voice shakes everything in MAKAI.

​MAKAI Pairates

The pirates who tries to revive Japan's strongest ghost spirit MASAKDO.


She is the leader of the MAKAI pirates and the daughter of MASKADO. Her ability is both aggressive and magical. She is pregnant now.


He is a legendary pirate in Japan. He was a close friend of MASAKADO. He supports TAKINOKATA. He loves SHIGEHIRA like his own child.


He became famous as the man who killed MASAKADO. But he regretted it. He really wants MASAKADO back. He is on friendly terms with TAKAFUSA.


He was the lover of TURUHIME. But the truth is her brother.
He left her out of regret for not telling her about it.
But he deepens the bond with her again.


He was a son of the distinguished TAIRA family.
He was killed by his rival, GENJI, but he did not resent it. In MAKAI, he adores SUMITOMO like his real father.


She was a confidant of TAKINOKATA. She continued to seek TAKINOKATA after being executed. Then she meets TAKINOKATA again at MAKAI.


His identity is still unknown.
His voice accentuates the battle of MAKAI.


He is the strongest swordsman in MAKAI. After KIICHIOGAN left MAKAI, he increased his strength. The sound is variable.

Satomi Hakkenshi

The eight warriors born from the curse of a dog


He was the boss of SATOMIHAKKENSHI.
He is a calm and composed leader.
He belongs to the MAKAI pirates.


She has a soul of filial piety.
She is a gifted mystic.
The sword with the left arm is a lethal weapon.


She has a soul of 'wisdom'.
She is a staff officer of SATOMIHAKKENSHI.
She has another character called "OINU".


He has a spirit of loyalty.
He is the leader of SATOMIHAKKENSHI.
He loves SHINBE.


He has a spirit of courtesy.
He is a loyal subordinate of SATOMI.
He can hardly appear due to the spiritual power of MAKAI.


He has a soul of "reverence".
He has superhuman strength.
He can hardly appear due to the spiritual power of MAKAI.


He has a soul of "humanity".
His potential is the best of the eight, but he is too young to fully exercise it.

Black Magic Army

They are trying to take over MAKAI.


The leader of the Black Magic Army.
He was originally a staff officer of GARASYA, but was abandoned by her and became independent.
His other name is "just"


He was called the most beautiful boy in Japan.
His combat ability is outstanding.
He is the main force of the black magic army.

Bon javi

She is a faithful servant of UKON.
Her sister is BONTENMARU.


He originally belonged to a team called KGEDOUSI.
He was bitten by KOTARO and joined the black magic army.
He has the ability to kill his comrades quickly.

Chun chack

She is the sister of Chun, who was called the hero of Vietnam.
She came to MAKAI following ICHIJYOSEI.
Her specialty is physical strength.

Chun knee

She is the sister of Chun, who was called the hero of Vietnam.
She came to MAKAI after her sister.


He was a hero called the monster of Kamakura.
He is the biggest man in MAKAI.
He has now disappeared from MAKAI.


She is UKON's wife.
She uses her singing voice as a weapon.
She loves her husband deeply.


The legendary 10 warriors organized by SANADA.


He is the boss of the 10 Warriors.
He is the strongest strategist in the Sengoku period.
He tries to show off his power at MAKAI with ambition.


He is the grandson of Masayuki and leader of SANADA 10 Warriors.
However, he was actually the biological son of HIDEYOSHI, the king of Japan.
He has a cruel character.


She is an outstanding ninja and sister of DAISUKE.
She fell in love with KEIJI, but the love didn't come true and decided to follow her fate.


He is a genius ninja. And he is the son of KATSUYOSHI TAKEDA, the lord of MASAYUKI.
He communicates with AOI.


He was a descendant of the noble Miyoshi clan and a man full of resourcefulness.
He cherishes his sister SEIKAI very much.


She is the younger sister of ISA and the wind-steering ONMYOUJI.
She is loyal to MASAYUKI.


He is a genius ninja. He had a terrible scar on his face before and has put on a mask ever since. He is not read by people.


He is a genius swordsman and fights with sound.
He is aiming for the title of MAKAI's strongest swordsman.


the strongest swordsman corps


He is the vice president of SHINSENGUMI. He wishes for the revival of his friends.
He is particular about laver.



He was the captain of the 2nd unit of SHINSENGUMI. He was known for his short temper in the group.



He was the captain of the 10th unit of SHINSENGUMI. He is the most beautiful SIHINSENGUMI.


He presides over the spy for SHINSENGUMI.
He is fed up with laver.




He is trying to change his life with MAKAI to the stupid son of Japanese king HIDEYOSHI TOYOTOMI.
He was the second King of AKURO.


He was adopted by NAGAYASHI Miyoshi, who became the virtual king of Japan.
He called himself RENBUKAN for a long time, but he formed the second generation MAKAISYOJYOKEN with HIDEYORI.


Although he originally called himself KAGURAZAKA, he was actually the last man of the noble Ouchi family.
He has now disappeared from MAKAI.


She was the wife of the king of Japan, YOSHIMASA AIKAGA.
She called herself HINOENMA before she awoke.


She is a monster and uses her voice as a weapon.
Her voice misleads and makes people drunk.
She is the second generation.


The army of the Gods expelled from TENKAI


She was originally a leader of the Black Magic Army but went to MEIKAI to become a MEIKAI general. She has great power.



She is the daughter of GARASYA. Her ability surpasses that of her mother. Upon the order of her

mother, she started to suppress MAKAI.


She was the younger sister of NOBUNAGA, the king of Japan. She is made subordinate to MEIKAI by FROIS. She is now a loyal subordinate of GARASYA.


He was originally a devout Christian but went to hell and was reborn as a MEIKAI missionary.


He is the son of GARASYA and is only one and a half years old, but he is growing at an amazing rate. His combat capability is already among the best in MAKAI.


He is a legendary warrior in Japan.
His feelings and thoughts are totally unknown.


He is the father of AOI and a disciple of DOMAN.

However, he is now a member of MEIKAI.



He is the executioner of Hell.
His voice becomes a powerful force and inspires battle.



He is a member of a vampire family.
He plays the tune of death from his beautiful appearance.


The monsters living in Makai.


She is the leader of MAKAISYU and SIKIGAMI.
Her ability is unknown, but it has a great impact on MAKAI.
She killed her brother, JIRAIYA, to save her comrades.


He was a prisoner in hell.
He was summoned by DOMAN to defend KODOMARU.


He was a little demon summoned by TENKAI by TUNA.
He looks up to BATO as his mentor.


​MAKAI'S monster.


​MAKAI’s monster.


MAKAI's monster.



He is Japan's largest vengeful ghost and the most powerful military commander.
He finally came back to MAKAI, and the threat covers MEIKAI.



She was wife of an enemy general who was killed by SATOMI. Her grudge created HAKKENSHI. He now rides KENO.



Yatsufusa, ninja who saved the crisis of SATOMI in the past, bears a grudge against him for almost being killed by SATOMI.


She is the daughter of DOSAN.
But her soul is ASAGI.
She has the power to shake MAKAI.


She was the daughter of a legendary Japanese military commander, YOSHITUNE.
Her soul rules AOI's body.


He was a member of the MAKAI pirates but was believed to have betrayed MEIKAI. However, he left MEIKAI and his whereabouts are unknown.


He is KIDOMARU's older brother. He was demoted to MEIKAI by Oichi and attacked his comrades, but was killed by KODOMARU.


He is the best guy in MAKAI. He falls in love with SAIZO and fights for his soul. He disappeared after saving her.


She was a pupil of SEIMEI and the wife of his best friend. She fell in love with SEIMEI, but he sent her  and husband to TENKAI.


He is the husband of YUGAO and a best friend of SEIMEI. He has ONIKIRIMARU, the sword that killed the ogre.

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